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Online Slot Machine Payouts

It may or may not come as a surprise to find that online versions of popular slot machines generally have a higher payout than their land-based counterparts. There are likely 3 different reasons behind this: firstly, it's an incentive to get players playing online. Secondly, online casinos wll generally have slightly lower overheads (although probably not as low as you think) and thirdly, a player is likely to play more online and being a game of chance, it's more likely they will lose any winnings back quicker.

However, some slot machine payouts, especially from IGT's online games, are pretty high - especially when you consider the majority of land-based slots barely push 90% - and this page highlights a few that you might find interesting. Please note, these are all the published Expected Returns - often referred to as the "RTP". That's no guarantee you will get this every session, far from it in fact, but it will average out over the long term!

Best Paying IGT Online Slots

The best slot machine payout I have found is on the Enchanted Unicorn slot which normally has a default RTP setting (expected payout) of 96.02%, which is still pretty decent. However, both IGT's own Kerching Casino has the expected return advertised at a massive 97.39%! Enchanted Unicorn isn't a free spins slot, but it does have expanding wild symbols. Check out the Enchanted Unicorn video.

Marginally behind this one is the IGT classic, Texas Tea. Again, this one doesn't have a free spin bonus (check out the video) but it does have one of the best slot machine payouts set at 97.35%. That is irresepective of which of the online casinos you play it at (see listed, right). Also weighing in with a decent payout percentage is the popular Wheel Of Fortune (Triple Action Frenzy) which has a payout setting of 97% across the board. Be careful not to confuse it with the Wheel Of Fortune Hollywood Edition, although which has a default 96% expected return, although once again, Kerching Casino has the Hollywood Edition set to 96.99% unlike other casinos.

One further slot machine that's worth a mention is the online version of Rainbow Riches. There are actually two versions - the standard version you see in land-based casinos and the newer version dubbed Rainbow Riches Winbig Shindig. The original has a default payout setting of 95% but the newer version (which has slightly better bonus features) has a very decent expected payout of 96.46% wherever you play it online (all the casinos listed here have it).

If it's a free spins bonus slot machine with a high payout you want, then the best option is the relatively high variance slot machine, Cleopatra 2 with a default expected return of 95.13%. Marginally behind this are the original version of the Cleopatra slot machine along with the similarly featured but less familar Vegas Baby!, both with a setting of 95.02%. All of the online casinos listed here have all three of those mentioned, although some state that the payback on Cleopatra is 95.01% rather than 95.02%. I suspect this is simply a rounding issue but is pretty inconsequential.

To be fair, most online versions of IGT slots have good payback settings with those not mentioned always falling between 92% at worst and 95%. As you wander through the videos on this site you'll see the default setting for each slot machine listed in the panels.

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